Oil Painting: GALLERY: Oils by Susan Goetz Robert Schneider

Oil Painting: GALLERY: Oils by Susan Goetz Robert Schneider

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In the November 2007 issue of American Artist, we discussed how Susan Goetz and Robert Schneider, who are husband and wife, studied with some of the same instructors and developed techniques based on similar historical precedents; yet they focus on different subjects and use varied palettes and procedures. In this online exclusive gallery, we offer more examples of their varied work.

Golden Hillside by Susan Goetz,
2006, oil, 20 x 24.
Collection the artist.
In the Studio by Susan Goetz,
2005, oil, 30 x 40.
Collection the artist.
Portrait of the
Artists Husband by Susan Goetz,
2006, oil, 60 x 60.
Collection the artist.

Brookwood Meadows by Robert Schneider,
2004, oil, 8 x 10.
Private collection.
Susquehanna Spring by Robert Schneider,
2006, oil, 30 x 36.
Collection the artist.
Olana Vista
by Robert Schneider,
2007, oil, 24 x 30.
Private collection.

Late Afternoon by Robert Schneider,
2004, oil, 8 x 10.
Collection the artist.
Misty Morning by Robert Schneider,
2005, oil, 14 x 16.
Private collection.

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