2010 Watercolor Artist Article Index

2010 Watercolor Artist Article Index

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Artists Featured

Alexander, Kathleen. Aloha Spirit. April.
Ballard, Kathleen. Quiet Reflections. April.
Beck, Chris. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Bent, Sarah. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Brady, Carolyn. Full Bloom. April.
Castro, Kara. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Cole, Dick. The Year’s Best Paintings. Feb.
Cook, Pat. What You See is What You Get. June.
Coolidge, David. Feb.
Corsellis Jane. Sweet Surrender. Aug.
Creech, Loran R. Feb.
Dingler, Fred. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Dentinger, Ric. Feb.; Uncommon Brilliance. June.
Evansen, Andy. From the Scene to the Studio. Feb.
Farrell, Claire. Feb.
Fox, Barbara. Awakening. June.
Frank, Jonathan. And the Winner Is… Feb.; Best Bang for Your Buck. Aug.
Gallizia, Janine. Power of Suggestion. Feb.
Glick, Marjorie. Once Upon a Time. Oct.
Goodell, Kristi. Feb.
Grastorf, Jean. Feb.
Holscher, Pat. Feb.
James, Bill. Feb.
James, George. Feb.
Johnson, Cathy. A Revolution of Snow. Feb.
Kemp, Linda. Feb.
Kimberley, Kate. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Kuhn, Margie. Material Culture. Aug.
LaLumia, Frank. Feb.
Maling, Kathleen. Best Bang for Your Buck. Aug.
McCormack, Geoffrey. Feb.
McGuire, Jeannie. Expression of Interest. Aug.
Mitchell, Dean. Feb
Norseth, Mark. Twelve by Two. Aug..
Nuttall, Ted. Feb.
Owen, Thomas. Feb.
Paik, Yong. Feb.
Pederson, Jean. Aug.
Poxon, David. Reclaimed by Nature. Oct.
Robinson, Mario. A Day in the Life of the Artist. April.
Sandler, Kay. Feb.
Saternow, Tim. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Savellano, David. Urban Impressions. June.
Sinatra, Rose. Feb.
Simmons, Nicholas. Feb.
Slade, Lynn. And the Winner Is… Feb.
Sluga, Charles. Portraits of the World. Oct.
Stroud, Betsy Dillard. Bang for Your Buck. Aug.
Tianya, Zhou. State of Mind. April.
Turner, Cecy. Feb.
Turner, J.M.W. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. June.
Whitlock, Roger. Aug.
Winchester, Ann. Feb.
Zagotta, Donna. Altered Sensibility. Oct.

Feature Articles

Floral/Still Life
Aloha Spirit. (Kathleen Alexander) Michelle Taute. April.
Awakening. (Barbara Fox) Michelle Taute. June.
Full Bloom. (Carolyn Brady) Virginia Anne Bonito. April.
Material Culture. (Margie Kuhn) Meredith E. Lewis. Aug.
Power of Suggestion. (Janine Gallizia) K. Kane. Feb.
Reclaimed by Nature. (David Poxon) Ken Gofton. Oct.
Uncommon Brilliance. (Ric Dentinger) Meredith E. June.

A Day in the Life of the Artist. (Mario Robinson) S.A. Strickley. April.
State of Mind. (Zhou Tianya) K. April.
What You See is What You Get. (Pat Cook) Ann Emmert Abbott. June.
Awakening. June.
Expression of Interest. (Jeannie McGuire) Christine Proskow. Aug.
Altered Sensibility. Donna Zagotta. Oct.

A Revolution of Snow. (Frank LaLumia, Cathy Johnson, Cecy Turner) S.A. Feb.
From the Scene to the Studio. (Andy Evansen) Meredith E. Feb.
Power of Suggestion. Feb.
Quiet Reflections. (Kathleen Ballard) Meredith E. April.
Earth, Air, Fire, Water. (J.M.W. Turner) Tamera Lenz Muente. June.
Urban Impressions. (David Savellano) Deborah Secor. June.
Uncommon Brilliance. June.
Sweet Surrender. (Jane Corsellis) Ken Gofton. Aug.
Twelve by Two. (Mark Norseth and Roger Whitlock) Tamara Moan. Aug.
Once Upon a Time. (Marjorie Glick) Meredith E. Oct.
Portraits of the World. (Charles Sluga) S.A. Oct.

Special Reports
And the Winner Is… K. Feb.
Best Bang for Your Bang. K. Aug.
The Care and Framing of Watercolors. Chris A. Paschke. Feb.
The Watercolorist’s Guide to Color. Birgit O’Connor. June.
Workshop 101. J. Canterbury. April.
The Year’s Best Paintings. Feb.


Creativity Workshop
Feb.: Emergency Inspiration Kit. Deborah Secor.
April: Dynamic Design Tools. Mary Todd Beam.
June: Big City, Big Color. Angela A. Barbalace.
Aug.: Inspiration at Your Feet. Heidi Lang Parrinello.
Oct.: Rough Starts. June Rollins.

Making a Splash
Feb.: Millard Sheets; Chattanooga, TN.
April: Watercolor USA Honor Society and the Japanese Watercolor Federation;
June: Mark Schwartz’s shoe paintings.
Aug.: Establishing a painting routine.
Oct.: Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial.

Meet the Masters
April: Alchemist of Imagery. (Max Ernst) Carrie Oeding.
June: Sublime Visions in Watercolor. (William Blake) Carrie Oeding.
Oct.: Radiant Attention. (Maurice Prendergast) Ashley Capps.

Picture This
Feb.: Charles Burchfield.
April: Zhou Tianya.
June: William Blake.
Aug.: Heidi Lang Parrinello
Oct.: Ong Kim Seng.

Studio Staples
Feb.: A Brush with Destiny. Ann Abbott.
April: The Light of Day. Maggie Latham.
June: Well(s) In Hand. Canterbury.
Aug.: Support Your Work. Paul Jackson.

Watercolor Essentials
Feb.: Color Mingling. Anne Abgott.
April: Classic Portraiture. Paul McCormack.
June: The Sky’s the Limit. Sterling Edwards.
Aug.: Color Harmony. Rose Edin.
Oct.: Brush Up on Brushes. Cathy Johnson.


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