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New Female Portrait/Figure Paintings by Casey Baugh

New Female Portrait/Figure Paintings by Casey Baugh

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One of the wonderful things about featuring works in Magazine is being able to stay in touch with the artists long after an issue has gone to the printer. Recently, Casey Baugh (featured in our April 2010 issue) let us know that he has completed several new paintings. “I have recently been obsessed with outdoor light, color and texture,” he says. “Capturing the figure out of doors is the focus of one of my next collections of work.”

It’s my pleasure to share the works with you here.~Cherie Haas

Visit for information.

Baugh shares his portrait painting methods in two free step-by-step demonstrations:

  • 8-step Portrait Demo
  • Fine Tuning a Portrait in Oil

To read the full article about Casey Baugh and his oil portrait painting techniques published in the April 2010 issue of Magazine, click here.




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