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Back to the Garden: Five Artists Share Paintings of the Female Nude Figure, Cont.

Back to the Garden: Five Artists Share Paintings of the Female Nude Figure, Cont.

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Mary Beth McKenzie

“I leave some areas in my work unfinished to allow the viewer’s imagination to play a role,” says McKenzie. “The paintings I respond to most are the ones in which I feel a sense of the artist and see the process. I like to see how the painting evolved, what was searched for and the choices that were made, the lines or shapes that were emphasized.”


Anthony Ryder

“A sketch captures in a few strokes some aspect of the movement, proportion and character of the figure,” says Ryder. “Drawing, on the other hand, builds an image of the figure … Through shading is described the ever turning, ever modulating form of the surface of the body that occurs within the confines of the contour.” Anthony Ryder is the author of The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing: A Contemporary Perspective On the Classical Tradition.


Sharon Sprung

“The body tells so much,” says Sprung. “I think of painting the unclothed figure as painting the landscape of the body.” Sprung has instructional portrait painting videos on ArtistsNetwork.TV.

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